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Meet Neiko & Janisse

Neiko & Janisse are a dynamic couple that have a love for God and mission to help people find their purpose in life. They have been happily married for 10+ years and have a set of twins. They both come from humble beginnings and have quite a testimony on everything God has done in their lives. They plan to impact the community in a new way by showing through example that you can live a life for God, and still have fun and a youthful spirit.

Neiko Flowers

Neiko Flowers grew up on the beaches of Wilmington, NC. He always knew he was destined to do something where he could use his natural talent to entertain. With his love for music, he fell in love with the radio. Known for being extremely outgoing, ambitious, and outspoken, Neiko pursued radio broadcasting in 2009. He has worked for several different stations including WPEG Power 98, WBAV V101.9 in Charlotte, NC, WHXT Hot 103.9 in Columbia, SC, and WALR KISS 104.1 in Atlanta, GA. He has worked over the years as a Producer, Promotions Assistant, Board Operator, and Radio Personality. In 2015 Neiko took over the weekends on FOX 46 in Charlotte doing the entertainment headlines on a weekly basis. He also hosted several entertainment shows which allowed him to interview various celebrities such as “The Breakfast Club”, Ne-Yo, Zendaya, and many others. Neiko has developed a passion to inspire others to find and pursue their purpose and plans to use "Believers with Balance" as a vehicle to do so. So far in the 3 years of being on-air, they have inspired, provoked laugher, and entertained many with some of the biggest guests in the gospel industry such as Bishop T.D. Jakes, Kirk Franklin, and Koryn Hawthorne. When asked what’s next for Neiko… “Let’s take this thing on the road, baby! lol, I would love to travel the world to speak and uplift. Television would not be a bad option either.

Janisse Flowers

Janisse Flowers was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to North Carolina as a child. She began dancing at age 9 in the dance ministry at her local church in Wilmington, NC. With grace and natural talent, she began taking dance classes and participating in her school dance/drill teams from high school throughout college. Janisse graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in Dance Education. She went on to teach dance in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for several years and eventually became a part of The Dance District Agency. Janisse has over 15 years of dance experience in Hip hop, Jazz, Ballet, and Modern and had the opportunity to tour the US with a Rock Documentary Concert Show. She is currently excited about this endeavor God has placed in her life to be an inspiration to mothers to still go for their dreams and fulfill their purpose through Believers with Balance.

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